Ar. Kaloy Mapeso Uypuanco's Off-Grid Dream Home

Ar. Kaloy Mapeso Uypuanco's Off-Grid Dream Home

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Check out the dream home of Ar. Kaloy Mapeso Uypuanco of SC Mapeso Architects: We've designed this house for a friend. I would not like to assume that this is his dream home but easily for me, this can be! 


My dream home will be located on a beach property or up in the mountains. The exterior should blend with its environment. A simple geometric shape, neutral in color, and minimum use of material textures - should not have more texture than its immediate surroundings. An ample kitchen space with breakfast nook and a dining area that's indoor but can easily have an outdoor vibe. And to note, overall, the design should be child-friendly. 
Interior spaces are still under one roof but will be programmed like an outhouse with open communal spaces for family and friends gathering. For a more intimate set-up, there will be a conversation pit located in one of the spaces in the house. It will also feature an indoor (good enough size) dip-pool with a sky window directly on top to enjoy the sun during the day and the stars during the night. 
Utilities such as power and water should have minimum impact on the environment. My dream home should be off-grid. Solar Energy for power with back-up diesel generator. Water will be from an underground source pumped with a solar powered submersible pump. And this list can go on and on and on.
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