About Us

Highlights & Co. envisions to be the leading online end-to-end design solution provider. Our mission is to provide an easy and personalized shopping experience of high quality and cost-effective interior decor.

Each person is uniquely different and has something distinct to contribute to the world. So does lighting design. Each piece is designed to supplement the conduciveness of a specific environment, fulfilling the desired purpose of the space.

At Highlights & Co., we help you optimize your space through carefully curated lighting design.


The Creative Directors


Highlights & Co. is founded by two uniquely different individuals with a shared keen eye for design.

Michelle Karen and Michelle Louise have twelve years of combined experience in diverse fields of business, interior design and real estate. This coupled with the flourishing real estate development and construction industries paved the way for them to venture into design solutions, particularly lighting design, in Metro Cebu.

What was seemingly a casual catch-up unfolded into 83 days of planning and materializing their dream venture.

Alongside the daily grind, the creative directors enjoy travelling and seeking inspiration from different people, places and passions.