IDr. Mara Manalo Designs more on Function over Aesthetics

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I have a very simple philosophy when it comes to designing. I think good design should be accessible and could be experienced by a lot of people without it having to be expensive. That's my primary philosophy behind all of my designs.
In terms of the design process, I'm very flexible. I don't stick to a specific theme. I'm still a young designer, and I don't really want to focus on one specific style. When I come up with my designs, they're very constructual. Say for example, it's industrial, I'll base it more on a feeling or mood that I want to convey. Most of my designs is usually for the personality of the user. If it's for a commercial space, it depends on the branding of the company.
I don't intentionally design with a specific "Mara" look. You know how some designers have their specific look. I think naturally, it comes off with the principles that I apply. I just make sure that everything's clean, the layout's exactly portioned. Before anything else, it should serve the function of the space. I'm more on function over aesthetics.
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